I spoke with you this morning before we visited the Sculpture Fields. What an incredible, magical place. We were mesmerized and in addition to wandering and taking it all in on an ideal summer day, we could not stop taking photos. We will return many times and in all seasons.

We had lunch on a shady bench in the big field, watching the bluebirds.

Part of what made this experience so unique was the setting. All sculpture gardens take into account the beauty of the landscape or the intrigue of the cityscape. What this offers in addition is the opportunity to see what the artist was seeing and the tools he was using as he made his creations. Seeing that from our perspective was also part of viewing the sculptures. It wasn't just an artist's studio, it was part of the exhibit.

And the beautifully aged buildings are pieces of art from afar and up close, each one telling some part of the story of the artist's life.

Hartford, Connecticut

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