David Hayes Sculpture Fields

Coventry, Connecticut, USA

Sculptor David Hayes, whose work is found in many public and private collections in this country and in Europe, lived and worked on an old farm in Coventry, Connecticut. The family home, Stonewalls, is listed on the Connecticut Register of Historic Places.

The David Hayes Art Foundation displays his completed works in an old orchard, by the pond, in two large hayfields, and behind the house and barn. They are in or near informal gardens of herbs, wildflowers and ferns, a sunflower patch, roses (mostly old roses), and annuals planted by the artist's wife Julia.

The public is welcome to walk the grounds for self-guided tours (print out a walking map here). The grounds are relatively safe as there are typically few visitors to the fields. We do not charge admission though donations help us mow and maintain the grounds. For a private tour, please call 607 353-9000 or send an email to the artist's son at david@davidhayes.com several days in advance.

When driving, be sure to stay on the long straightaway that is South Street. You do not want Hop River Road, which is at the other end of the property. (GPS will occasionally brings guests to the incorrect location). If you find yourself on Hop River Road, head back up the hill, make a right on Bunker Hill Road, then a right on South Street, follow until you arrive at the large white house which is number 905, and park right in the driveway.

Photos are permitted and encouraged. Dogs on a leash are also welcome.

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